2020 Union bindings are in stock now!

2020 Union bindings are in stock now!

Well imagine our surprise when we come into work on a Monday and boom! 2020 Union Bindings are waiting for us.  I know, I know, there are still resorts open from the 18-19 season, why are we getting stuff in for next year already?  Well the answer is this, we are legit and we get Union Binding Company first!  We have not received them all yet, but we do have a sprinkling of a few models and sizes in stock and we also go in some of the hard to find Union Team Jacket windbrakers, in Camo this year and the Union Team Stronger Hoodie in Balk and Gray.


New this year is the Union Binding Company Force X Springbreak Snowboarding Force.  The 2020 Force continues to be the staple in the line and the bench mark of what all other bindings are based off of.

2020 Union Force Binding X spring Break Colorway White with Wood Grain

2020 Union X Spring Break White Force ASADACHI

The of coarse you have the Team  Force in Matte Stone and the Team Strata in Hazard Yellow 

Union binding Company Team force in Matte Stone and Team Strata in Hazard Yellow


New for next year the Union contact Pro has the upgraded ankle strap that requires little pressure to give you great response. 

2020 Union Bindings Contact Pro White

2020 Union contact Pro Ankle strap in White

Then we got some of the new  Union binding company soft goods including the Team Stronger Hoodie and the Team coaches windbreaker jacket in Camo

Union Binding Company Team hoodie and Team coaches Jacket

Union binding company Team Coaches Jacket Camo


Of course this is just the first little shipment, we should be getting everything Union Binding Company offers in the next few months.  Looking forward to another long winter here in nor cal!

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  • Levi Guthrie