The big difference here is that we are still a small shop and that is what we do the best.  We love to talk to folks in person and help them get to know the difference between the products.   Everyone here has a different style of educating customers because we all have a little bit different experience.  We don't like to sell stuff online because we believe in the value of first hand interaction, but we also understand that not everyone has a local shop they can go to.  That is where we fit in.  When you shop from us the product you pick comes out of this store, not a warehouse.  If you call and ask for advise, your going to talk to someone that fits boots for people all day, waxs boards and sweeps the floor. Everyone here does everything.  No warehouse, no Customer Service department, just real snowboarders and skateboarders that understand the value of a small shop and want to pass that experience onto you.