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Jones Air Heart Snowbnoard 

The Jones Air Heart is less powder-focused than many of Jeremy Jones’ creations, so if it’s purely the steep-and-deep you’re after then perhaps the Hovercraft or Dream Catcher will be a better fit. No, this one is has more going for it on firmer trails where it’s all about getting aggressive and, wherever possible, airborne.

This one is largely unchanged from last year’s debut version of the Jones Air Heart. One big tweak worth mentioning is the addition of a layer of ‘’Technora’ fibre underneath the topsheet, which makes the board torsionally stiffer (and therefore increases response time and stability at speed). You’ll need to be a fairly confident rider to effectively manipulate this board, but the medium end-to-end stiffness means that it’s not only for the true hellcats out there.

The Air Heart is for the woman who likes the feel of a traditional camber board. The added camber gives it a ton of snap in turns and incredible edge hold on ice.

The subtle spoon base contours free up the nose and tail making for faster transitions between turns, more float in pow and less catch in crust.


This is really a hidden raceboard for the women.