If you have ever met Jamie Lynn, the most iconic snowboarder of all time, you would under stand why these boots are so amazing and why I have never seen someone so perfectly personified in a piece of snowboard footwear. 

First let me tell you just that that LTD means.  LIMITED!  and some of the most limited snowboard boots I seen Vans make.  There are only 109 of these boots in the Unites States (for sale) and only 250 total in the world. Rest assured you wont be running into anyone with the same boots as you.

Now let me tell you my experience with Jamie.  I first met Jamie up at Baldface where he is referred to as the 'house cat', comes and go as he pleases, and sometimes no one knows where he is or what he is doing and certainly not one tells him what to do. Some times he shows up for the Cat in the morning and sometimes he doesn't.  Now at Baldface you'll never see a more complete collection of Gore-tex and technical clothing in one room, but one particular outfit stood out. This week Jamie Lynn was riding in a Colbalt Blue Leather Jacket.  No joke... like "i dont give a fuck, this high wasted heavy leather jacket is perfect for a stormy back-country( you have to put the dash or a certain company might sue us for this post) day on my snowmobile"


So when I saw these boots for the first time Im so glad I have that story to relate to.  Anyways, so Vans decided to come out with these Super Limited Jamie Lynn snowboard boots to help celebrate the Legend that he is.   They are one of a kind boot that is a blend of a few different boots but they are comfy as hell and look even better, 


The back comes with 2 leather clad boots,  A Zippered insulated canvas case, a 10 inch embroidered patch and leather bound field notes.   I'll let the pictures so the rest of the talking. 



Levi Guthrie
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