Some things in life are just plain beautiful; the sunrise and sunset, the birth of a child, a nice meal. Then there are things in life that don't seem like they should be even remotely close to the importance of the former examples, and that's probably accurate. However, for us it is equally as exciting to watch the mail truck show up with boxes upon boxes of one our favorite toys and pastimes, skateboards, as it is to see a loved one. Okay, that might be an exaggeration but you get the point. 

That being said, TONS of new skate product for the spring and summer has graced our walls and cases! Your favorite brands have entered into the summer months with large offerings of boards, wheels, and accessories. The Deluxe camp continues to lead the charge in terms of variety, graphics, and downright awesomeness. An Anti Hero X Thrasher collection offers up a run of SOTY boards that evoke both nostalgia and heaps of stoke. Nothing better than seeing a 1999 Brain Anderson sitting upon his thrown to get you juiced. 

New series from Real and Krooked are also readily available for your shredding needs. Everything from new takes on old graphics to monster truck atop cop cars can be seen in their newest drops. Pretty hard to dislike a Gonz graphic so come check it out for yourself!

Perhaps the most anticipated piece of equipment is the new 93 Duro from Spitfire! Boasting a controllable and consistent slide, these wheels are a game changer. Fast, stable, slick when you want it, grippy when you need it. Don't let the numbers fool you, these wheels are the sh!t. 

With the warm months quickly approaching, we are here to make sure that you have everything you need for those long summer sessions. Come check it out!

Jason Watson