About US 

We take pride in being a place any level of athlete can come and get the right information without being "cool guy'd". The items we sell are meant to have fun with and that's exactly how your buying experience should be. We've been doing this for a long time, and we hope we can help enhance your recreational experience.  


Milo has always been a giant family from the beginning.  George has instilled in us that our shop culture is more important than anything.  Within the walls of the store faces come and faces go, but the energy remains the same. 
We love skateboarding and snowboarding and the people whom are involved. 

The Dudes Behind Milo

Jason Watson

Sometimes that little shop kid hangs around long enough to pick up a thing or two and blossoms into a respectable shop owner. Working with George for 15 years, Jason has helped shape Milo into what it is today. If you know Jay you know that he will never steer you wrong and always with a smile. He loves his extensive record collect, A's baseball and Golf. 

George Johnston

When George isn't on the top step of a ladder in flipflops you'll find him riding his bike, climbing or snowboarding. Geo helped establish the Milo in SLC in the 80's and in 2000, opened up Milo Lafayette. George has spent the last 40+ years building a reputation for being one of the most real, honest and dedicated members of the snowboard industry. You would be hard pressed to find someone more fun to ride with