About US 

When you're here you'll notice something different about Milo. No vibes, no pushy sales. We don't hire seasonally so when you're having a conversation with us you are getting information from someone who has been doing this for years and has a wealth of experience from actual riding. We have literally felt the change and progression of shapes and technology under our feet. We have watched brands come and go, evolve and progress over the last 30 years. We've partnered with the brands that make snowboarding better by making quality products, being cleaner and environmentally friendly and have stayed true to themselves and to their supporters. If we don't carry it, we wouldn't ride it.
We are not salesmen....we're real snowboarders who want to share what we love with our local community. 

P.S. Every picture on this site is of a member of the staff or team. Like this one of George, it is his favorite, so make sure to tell him how cool you think he looks in it. 



There are people who snowboard and then there are snowboarders.  We're the folks who identify year round with the passion for riding. We've chosen to make our lives revolve around skateboarding and snowboarding. We've accepted that none of us will be rich but that is a fair trade to spend every day doing what we love..


Jason Watson

Trying to carry on that 'flip flops on the top step of a latter' torch. est. 1983

Sometimes that little shop kid hangs around long enough to pick up a thing or two and blossoms into a respectable shop owner. Working with George for 15 years, Jason has helped shape Milo into what it is today. If you know Jay you know that he will never steer you wrong and always with a smile. He loves his extensive record collect, A's baseball and Golf. 

Levi Guthrie

In denial about loosing his hair. est: 1984

Much to the bane of George, Levi cut his teeth in the online snowboarding world working for the competition, but in all those years there were only Milo stickers on his boards. Try to catch him talking about riding pow and what shapes to do it in you'll see the passion and excitement gushing out. Levi's favorite thing about himself is his musical preference. Metal.

Zach Ingram

Too cool for outerwear. est. 1996

Zach is the rookie of the group, and lucky for him we don't give him as hard a time as much as we should, especially because he really does not have a snowboard jacket. He likes photography and long walks on the beach. 

Alex Packer

If you see him on the side of the road... give him a ride. est: 1994

Alex is a mountain man living in a little city. It's not often you see someone so stoked on skateboarding. You see his connection to nature in his skating with a retro surf style on the concrete. He's all about getting folks stoked as he is and setting a good example for the little ones. And really, his bug breaks down all the time...help him out.


Endless wisdom whether you want it or not. est: 1965 aka "shfack"

When George isn't on the top step of a ladder in flipflops you'll find him walking his dog, riding his bike or snowboarding. Geo helped establish the Milo in SLC in the 80's and in 2000, opened up Milo Lafayette. George has spent the last 33 years building a reputation for being one of the most real, honest and dedicated members of the snowboard industry. You would be hard pressed to find someone funner to ride with.

Justin Barrett

Token shop rat. now in college. est. 1998

We found this kid running the streets of Auburn with no clue and no ambition. We gave him a job and a team spot and now he's attending Humboldt State University, but he'll be around the shop on the holidays. I dont think we could keep him away if we tried. You want some good advice about decks or wheels and local spots, talk to Justin.