Nitro Zero Snowboard Bindings 2024 (Zero Bad Days)

$188.95 $269.95
By Nitro


Nitro Zero Snowboard Binding

This park lapping beast has become a park rat favorite over the years. Its comfortable air dampening support, ankle saving support, skate-like flex, and reinforced cable connect-ors for increased durability.

The Nitro Zero has become the freestyle binding of choice for many park lapping pros because it focuses on blending Nitro´s top performance technologies with a playful skate-like boot to board experience. The Stealth Open AIR base frame provides a medium flex and incorporates our 2x4 Mini Disc to offer a proper board feel and flex underfoot, provid-ing the support and response needed to take tricks on and off the rails to a new level with ease. AIR Dampening features and the 3° Canted footbeds keep your feet comfortable lap after lap, jump after jump, and day after day. The Asym Zero Highback and new Pre-mium Comfort ankle straps provide a flex perfect for stomping landings and leaning into presses all around the park, while the Cable Reinforced Cable Connector provides that extra durability on the toe strap during the coldest of days. Learning and progressing your bag of tricks will become a comfortable experience in the new Zero bindings.