On June 10th 2023, ourselves and Lady of the Canyon Vintage hosted the second Annual A-Town Classic vintage event! The event consists of a downhill slalom race for both skateboarders and roller-skaters coupled with a vast array of vintage clothing vendors, memorabilia lovers, and downright good time having folk. The goal behind this event that we love so much is to bring our community together to celebrate the culture and history of both skateboarding and the ideals of an era that has since passed. It's safe to say that there is no shortage of passion in our small foothill town, and nights like these are stark reminders of that. At any moment during the evening you could look around to see others smiling and laughing all while dressed in some groovy garb and fully embracing the energy of the night. 

To kick off the event, we lined the rough street with cones and set the skateboarders loose while they twisted and turned through the slalom course trying to go faster than their competitors. It's always fun to see everyone's take on equipment and board choice for a vintage event. Everything from vintage slalom boards to surf boards with trucks attacked the course that night and the times that they posted were genuinely impressive. Mixed into the racing madness were the roller-skaters who brought a tremendous amount of comradery to the race. With every racer, there was another close behind to film the run and ensure that memories were captured and cones were left standing. The real treat of the racing portion of the evening were the head-to-head races. This was a new development for this year and the excitement definitely delivered as racers battled over mere milliseconds in order to claim victory. Spectators crammed the barriers of the race course as they cheered for their favorite competitors and, without any direction from us, raced onto the course to fix misplaced cones and helped ensure that the next race went smoothly. Among the racers there was no shortage of characters; everyone from the young groms to the seasoned, denim clad veterans showed up and put on for the love of our town and the beloved vintage event. A huge congratulations goes out to the two winners of the slalom race and everyone who showed up and threw down on a less than perfect hill. As the races concluded we dished out prizes and trophies that were handmade by multiple friends, which is another testament to the passion and support that Auburn holds. To reward the spectators for their energy and excitement around the race, we had a little product toss in which we threw out hats, shirts, accessories, and accidentally a few loose skateboard wheels (Sorry to those that got hit by the rogue urethane). With the races over and the champions adorned, everyone was antsy to explore the event and enjoy the atmosphere.

The A-Town Classic takes place in Old Town Auburn and it is amazing to see the transformation that takes place once the crowd filters in. 30+ vendors lined the streets with their handcrafted and unique merchandise eager to share their passions with the town. Everything from homemade cotton candy to hand forged blades were available and there was no shortage of items to fit everyone's personal style. There's nothing quite like taking in the sights of fellow patrons discovering a shop and making special connections with the owners. The blossoming of new friendships and the kindling of old ones were happening around every corner which goes to show the magic of our community. 

As the night went on and the dancing continued, Lady of the Canyon hosted a costume contest that did not disappoint. Kids and adults of all ages took to the red carpet as they showed off their vintage vibes and sassy walks. There was definitely no shortage of creativity running through the streets as the judges, one of which happened to be Alice Cooper, cheered for their favorite costumes. 

Once the dust settled and the music calmed, it was time to put a bow on the second annual A-Town Classic. There is no lack of gratitude once events such as this one have been completed. None of it would be possible without the community that we hold so close to our hearts and the passion that is present in our town. A very large thank you goes out to Lady of the Canyon for being our ringleader and facilitator of the entire evening, we'd be lost without you. Another massive thank you to Innervoice Media for capturing all the memories of the evening, you are all amazing. If you didn't make it out this year, there's always next year. See you then. 







Jason Watson