Airblaster Everyday LS Thermal Top

$51.99 $64.95


Airblaster Everyday LS Thermal Top

Almost invisible. Not invisible as in transparent. It just won’t be obvious that you’re wearing base layer, because it looks like normal layer. Just like G-strings don't have any panty line to show because there just is no line. If there was, we'd cross it. So we're blurring the line between base layer and everyday getup. With cool traits like wicking and not being super cold the moment it encounters moisture, the Airblaster Everyday Tee has all of the function of base layer.

  • Blaster fit for everyday comfort and technical layering

  • 230g midweight synthetic blend

  • 4-way stretch AIR-TECH fabric, 94% poly, 6% elastic

  • AIRBLASTER Bauhaus branding embroidery at chest